Laser Hair Removal Tips

Most people think that laser hair removal is magic. While your hair will magically disappear over time, it’s not as simple as your fairy godmother waving a wand and being done with it.

Depending on your skin type, amount of hair, quality of laser and the thickness of it will determine how quickly and effectively your hair is removed. Below, we have outlined some tips to get the best possible laser hair removal results.

Get a consultation first

Laser hair removal is more or less effective depending on your skin and hair type. Going in for a complimentary consultation will help plan out your treatments and see how many you need.

Some people have quicker results than others while some people may take longer. Don’t worry, you won’t have to leave and come back. You can get same day treatment as your consultation right then and there.

Avoid tanning

Tanning is not a good idea when going in for laser hair removal as it can cause blistering or burns. The best time to get laser hair removal is during the winter. If you’re coming off a long summer of tanning and swimming, it’s best to wait several weeks to go in for your first treatment. Let your skin return back to normal before going in for treatment and you’ll stay safer and have much better results.

Don’t pluck your hair

Plucking your hair removes the roots. Lasers target the roots of the hair. If you pluck your hair, then there will be nothing for the roots to attack. So, avoid tweezing your eyebrows and let it all grow out before going in. This will ensure all the hair follicles are targeted.

Shave the day before

When going in for a consultation, it’s best not to shave at first. This way the technician can see where all the hair is. All of us have different hair growth patterns. When you finally go in to get treated, shave the areas you’re getting treated. Unless it’s located in hard to reach places, ask your significant

Avoid caffeine

It’s best to be as relaxed as possible when going in for laser hair removal. While it doesn’t really hurt to get your hair removed, it can be more or less comfortable depending on the person getting it and the amount of hair. There are certain areas on the skin that are more sensitive than others.

Wash your skin

Make sure you shower and remove any makeup, dirt, lotion or oil from your skin before going in. This will help the laser remove the hair more efficiently. If you have too much dirt or makeup in an area that has hair, it can prevent the area from getting lasered effectively.

Lasers matter

The type of laser is important for the best hair removal results. We only offer the most powerful lasers such as the Picosure that are safer and take fewer treatments to get done.

Post Laser Hair Removal tips

Avoid the sun

Just like you should avoid the sun going in, you should also avoid it after you’ve been treated. Your skin will be extra sensitive post-treatment for up to several weeks. Again, always better to wait for a time when you won’t be in the sun too much. Why miss out on the beach when you can get treated during the winter months?

Fall out

While the initial treatment will remove the hair, you’ll also shed for some time afterward. The best way to handle this is to use a washcloth to gently remove it.

Go for more than one treatment

Going back to the magic wand analogy, your hair won’t just disappear. Some people take much less treatment to get hair removal than others. Because your hair grows in different cycles, going in for different sessions will ensure it’s all gone!

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