Brown Spots? Denver’s Tattoo Undo & Veins Too is your answer!

Are your hands, face, arms or shoulders no longer looking radiant and youthful?

Brown spots are also called Age Spots or Liver Spots (a curious name since the liver has nothing to do with them). These spots are tan, brown or black and start to show, mostly when as we get older, and mainly in areas that are constantly or excessively exposed to the sun. They may not be harmful or painful, but they surely don’t look pretty either and make our skin and face look untimely aged, weathered and tired.

So how does it work?

We get our skin color from a pigment called Melanin. UV light accelerates the production of melanin, that’s why when we have prolonged sun exposure we develop a tan to help protect our deeper layers of skin from UV rays. On areas of the skin that have years of frequent and prolonged sun exposure, age spots appear when melanin “clots” or is produced in particularly high concentrations.

Skin cells containing excessive concentrations of melanin are excellent absorbers of the laser’s energy whereas normal cells are not, so the laser stimulates your body to eliminate the unwanted excessive pigment while having little or no effect on other tissues with normal skin color.

But wait, why do I have age spots if I’m still under 50?

It’s true that age spots are more common in elderly people because their skin has been exposed to the sun for a longer time during their lifespan, but this doesn’t mean that younger people can’t get them too, especially if we are exposed to the sun a lot and don’t use proper cover or sunscreen protection.

However, there’s no need to panic because at Tattoo Undo & Veins Too we offer you the best and safest alternative to get a great tan without harmful exposure to sunlight: Spray Tanning!

Things change with time, but Tattoo Undo & Veins Too can help!

If you want to recover that glowing and youthful look on your skin, Tattoo Undo and Veins Too is your best option in Denver to remove those spots! Debbie is a certified technician in the use of laser technology for skin treatments and a member of the National Laser Institute of America. They also retain Dr. Melissa Milan MD, and have invested in the best laser equipment in the market for brown spot, spider veins and tattoo removals.

For a free no-obligation consultation please contact Tattoo Undo and Veins Too today!

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