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PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser revolutionary technology.

Rapid Laser Tattoo Removal

We use the CynoSure PicoSure Laser for faster laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Treatment Process

Most advanced laser treatment available for safe and effective tattoo removal

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The PicoSure rapid laser tattoo removal is now available in Denver, Colorado. At Tattoo Undo we use the CynoSure PicoSure Laser for faster tattoo removal. PicoSure is the most advanced laser treatment available for safe and effective tattoo removal.

PicoSure targets unwanted ink more effectively than other nanosecond lasers, successfully removing difficult ink colors, such as blues, purples and greens as well as previously treated tattoos. Fewer treatments, faster recovery time and greater results are possible with PicoSure’s groundbreaking picosecond technology.

We are also known as Laser Remedy Skin Solutions. As a leader in laser tattoo removal in Denver, our services are unmatched. We provide a tattoo removal process with a state-of-the-art PicoSure Laser that removes your tattoo in less time and provides greater results. We understand that you want your tattoos removed faster and we are here to help our clients get back to a life without the constant reminder of something to be forgotten. We have a variety of success stories, so come in today and get back your life with our tattoo removal services in Denver, CO.

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Client Testimonials

I was so happy to hear about Tattoo Undo. You can’t have visible tattoos anymore and join the military. I called around to find the best price and to find out about the process. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I could come in on a weekend day since that’s all I have available. And that if I came early I could get anesthetic cream (at no additional cost) applied before the treatment since I was worried about it hurting. The PFD Patch will be useful to me since I’m in a hurry to get rid of these tattoos and get on with my military career. Many Thanks

What a nice surprise to find out that getting some of my old tats covered up didn’t hurt as much as I expected. The cooler machine you used while lasering my skin was awesome. I don’t think many places care if they hurt you and I truly appreciated that you kept asking me how I felt and gave me the best treatment possible.

I had a few treatments at another removal clinic and didn’t see any difference. Actually I don’t even think they knew how to work their laser or it wasn’t the correct machine for tattoo removal because my tattoo never turned white when they treated me like it did when I finally went to Tattoo Undo. You made all the difference by educating me about the tattoo removal process and how it should work. I finally feel like I found someone honest and my tattoo is almost gone after only three treatments at Tattoo Undo and Veins Too. I will send all my friends here

The name of an old flame on my arm had run it’s course. I was afraid it would hurt and cost too much to remove. Luckily a friend told me about Tattoo Undo. You were upfront about your pricing on the website and there wasn’t some ‘gimmick’ pricing once I was in the door. In fact, the price for my removal was less than I expected, and was about 1/2 of what the other places were charging. Your staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and made me feel welcome and at ease. I will send all of my friends

Going to tennis was embarrassing with all of those ugly spider veins all over my legs. I went to Tattoo Undo and they were gone “POOF” like that. It was so easy and fast.

I had a green four leaf clover on my neck treated ten times in Boston with almost no fading. So I just moved to Denver and went to Tattoo Undo one time and now my tattoo is nearly GONE. They must have a much better machine and the service was way better. I won’t be wearing a scarf to work very much longer.

I had an old blurry tattoo on my finger that I couldn’t cover with a ring and couldn’t stand looking at it anymore so I went to Tattoo Undo to get it removed. I was surprised by how fast and easy the treatment was, their prices were better than anywhere I looked and their machine was the newest technology which made it fade faster. The technician treated me like I was a personal friend and even called the following day!

I had been to other vein centers for both sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments and I still had my spider veins. After two treatments at Tattoo Undo they were gone.

If I knew IT DIDN’T HURT that much I would have had my ex’s name erased a long time ago! Seriously, I was so nervous going into Tattoo Undo and Debbie made me comfortable right from the get go. It wasn’t nearly as painful or as long as I had imagined. It was super fast and easy. They even gave me some numbing cream if I want for the next visit, but truly I didn’t need it. Great place and peeps

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