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Treatment Process

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Our Treatment Process

Our Tattoo removal 4 step process is easy and efficient as detailed below:

Step 1

Call, text or e-mail us to schedule a complimentary consultation and confidential review and assessment of your needs

Step 2

Visit our office and we will

  • Review your specific needs
  • Discuss the treatment required
  • Discuss the pre, during and post treatment requirements
  • Estimate the number of treatments required
  • Discuss the several options we offer on cost and provide the best value possible for your needs
  • Answer any and all questions you have so you are completely comfortable with moving ahead with your treatment
  • Schedule your treatment or treatments – some clients choose to do the first treatment right after the consultation and we accommodate if at all possible

Step 3

Track the progress of your treatment through completion making you as comfortable as possible through the entire treatment process

 Step 4

Celebrate together the great results that you’ll experience