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Tattoo Removal: Your Best Alternative in the Denver Area

Tattoo Removal: Your Best Alternative in the Denver Area

Your Comfort And Care Is Our Main Goal

We have gone to great lengths to invest in the best equipment and have been certified and are part of The National Laser Institute of America. All this with the sole purpose of giving our clients the best care possible during before and after each procedure (whether it is tattoo removal or spider vein/spot removal).

For permanent tattoo removal we utilize the ConBio MedLite C Q-switched Laser which is widely known as the overall best tool for tattoo removal.  It allows all colors to be completely removed because it has four wavelengths.

For spider veins removal they utilize the Lyra-i system, known for its state-of-the-art technology that enables the laser beam to penetrate deep beneath the skin without sacrificing patient safety and comfort.

Tattoo B&A

LegVein Before&After







Things change with time, but Tattoo Undo & Veins Too can help!

Whether you choose to remove a tattoo that you no longer care for or remove one that you have grown tired of and need a space for fresh ink, you can count on us to deliver the professional treatment and results you deserve. Debbie and Mark Grillo have exhaustive training in the use of their lasers and the best pre and post-treatment procedures. They are both certified laser technicians and members of the National Laser Institute of America. They also retain a medical director, Dr. Sidney Eisenbaum M.D.

We invite you to experience the very best in tattoo and spider vein removal. For a free no-obligation consultation please contact Tattoo Undo and Veins Too today.

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