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Tattoo Removal Denver CO

Rapid Laser Tattoo Removal in Denver


The PicoSure rapid laser tattoo removal is now available in Denver, Colorado. At Tattoo Undo we use the CynoSure PicoSure Laser for faster tattoo removal. PicoSure is the most advanced laser treatment available for safe and effective tattoo removal.

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PicoSure targets unwanted ink more effectively than other nanosecond lasers, successfully removing difficult ink colors, such as blues, purples and greens as well as previously treated tattoos. Fewer treatments, faster recovery time and greater results are possible with PicoSure’s groundbreaking picosecond technology. As a leader in laser tattoo removal in Denver, our services are unmatched. We provide a tattoo removal process with a state-of-the-art PicoSure Laser that removes your tattoo in less time and provides greater results. We understand that you want your tattoos removed faster and we are here to help our clients get back to a life without the constant reminder of something to be forgotten. We have a variety of success stories, so come in today and get back your life with our tattoo removal services in Denver, CO.




If I knew IT DIDN'T HURT that much I would have had my ex's name erased a long time ago!

It wasn't nearly as painful or as long as I had imagined. It was super fast and easy.

PicoSure Laser featured on the Doctor’s TV show